Ensure your vision with the built-in "Record Screen/Audio" feature for your content descriptions.

We have the most effective and efficient way to pass on content descriptions so your designers/content team can create a product that is exactly what you envisioned.

Using screen recording + voiceover, you achieve a much more effective and efficient description/editorial process than just typing all those pesky revisions and descriptions out for your design/content team.

Applications like Vidyard and Loom aren't your best options (we won't be receiving their ad sponsorship)—those apps require a paying membership to record those long videos, plus the recording quality is so low that the text on your screen will be unreadable.

We suggest utilizing the screen recording functions on your Mac and PC.

Mac keyboard shortcut: CMD + Shift + 5

PC keyboard shortcut: OPT + G

It's as simple as adjusting your video settings and playing with your input/output audio until it simultaneously captures both. Then the resolution is only limited to the resolution of the screen you're recording on—without the third-party membership fees!

Be kind to those fingies. They're tired from typing out all those descriptions and revisions. Just record that radio-worthy voice of yours and save time while doing it!

Thanks to our friends at Pilothouse for all the hot tips 🔥 Be sure to reply to this email with some efficiency tools you use to cut down on effort.

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