Enhanced Reporting

While Google's SEO strategies have been a predominant focus for most digital marketers, Microsoft's Bing presents an avenue of growth that shouldn't be overlooked. 

The updated Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report isn't just another analytics tool; it's your window into a holistic world of SEO that spans text, images, video, and catalyzes your brand’s growth.

⭐ What’s new?

The updated Performance Report has introduced several features that deserve a closer look:

Holistic performance metrics: Moving beyond traditional web and crawl indexing, the new report offers a multi-faceted view, blending data from web and chat and branching out to Bing's other platforms like Images, Videos, News, and the Knowledge Panel.

Combined Bing Web and Chat metrics: By merging data for web and chat, marketers get a clear picture of user interaction, gleaning insights that might be missing when viewing these metrics separately.

Granular SEO adjustments: With the added depth in data, there's an opportunity to finetune SEO strategies specific to Bing's environment. Diversifying strategies to leverage Bing's unique platforms can enhance reach and visibility.

Microsoft published a sample of what a visual overview for some metrics could look like.👇

If you need a refresher on how Microsoft defines each of these metrics, check out the support doc here.

Bing also plans to expand keyword and URL reporting across its other platforms, signaling more opportunities for niche targeting and content diversification in the future.

Previously, the report focused on web and crawl indexing performance, providing brands with only a general understanding of how Bing indexed their sites.

💪 Harness the momentum

Start by closely examining user interactions for a crucial competitive advantage.

Zero in on areas like page-wise performance and popular website queries that are ripe for optimization.

This approach will lead to superior search engine rankings and valuable user engagement data, helping you gradually optimize the complete user experience of your site from discovery to conversion.

🤖 Automation: Your new ally

Bing has also included a complementary Search Performance API alongside the report update. 

This API now presents a comprehensive overview of traffic data, making it easier for marketers to assess their overall Bing footprint and integrate Bing web search data with other crucial traffic sources.

In a future update, you can examine your traffic data by source to understand where and how consumers interact with your brand.💡

⏱️ The time is now

The revamped Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report offers a fresh perspective into SEO’s evolving landscape. 

With an emphasis on diverse content types, including text, images, and videos, Bing is nudging marketers towards a more integrated approach. 

While Google will always have its place, leveraging Bing's unique tools and platforms can create additional avenues for engagement and growth.

For more information, read up on Microsoft’s blog post.

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