Email Strategy - Self-segmentation

Self-segmentation is the process of consumers placing themselves in certain categories within your email list.  

When the data is collected and implemented correctly it creates a better experience for the consumer which makes you (the brand) more money.

Ways to apply self-segmentation 👇

📧  Opt-in level:

Your pop-up is a GREAT spot for self-segmentation.

Surf brand O’Neill uses the style preference segments "Men" and "Women," but every brand will be different.

This information instantly separates customers into a different segment of your list.

Now you can send specific campaigns to those on the men's list and those on the women's list.

Remember, your messaging, images, and CTAs should be customized for each segment you send to.

📧  Typeforms in Welcome Series

Build a Typeform into your welcome series to collect even more information on consumers.

Your pop-up provides one discount BUT an additional discount is placed in the welcome series to incentivize users to complete the typeform.  

📧   Utilize SMS

The immediate responsiveness of SMS is ideal for self-segmentation.

For example, when texting customers, show images of different products and ask which they prefer.

Say you're a clothing brand. You could show a picture of shorts, and a picture of a polo shirt, then ask the customer to text back 1 for shorts or 2 for polo.

Based on their response the customers will then be segmented out into a polo or a shorts campaign.

Simple as that!

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