Email segmentation tip: Personalize content for each segment

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Email segmentation tip: Personalize content for each segment 

Your segment is only as valuable as the actions you take. 

Establish different offers, copy and layouts for each segment. Purchase history is a great place to start. 

Purchase history segments will differ based on each brand’s product or service, but here’s a good place to start. 👇

  • People who have never purchased 
  • People who have purchased once 
  • People who have purchased two to three times 
  • People who have purchased more than three times 

Segmentation is a great opportunity to see what it takes to move someone from one segment to the next. 

It could be free shipping, further discounts, or first-dibs to new products. 

Test, test, test! 

👉 Everyone should be treated differently based on their purchase history.

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