DTC Shoe Brands Diagnostic: Part 4 Google Analysis

Welcome to the final part of our deep dive into the marketing strategies of DTC sneaker brands Atoms, Vessi, and Cariuma.

If you haven’t read last weekend’s website analysis, you can catch up here. 👀

Today we’re focusing on Google strategy with the help of Pilothouse’s Google Team! 

Retargeted ads:

After visiting Vessi’s site and adding a product to cart, we were retargeted with the dynamic ads below.  

The creative isn’t anything to write home about. We assume it’s from the Facebook network, which explains why it looks a bit bland. This is definitely an area to improve on. 



Branded Search & Shopping:

Vessi utilizes a great range of Google text ad extensions including callouts, site links, and structured snippets. 

For brand search, a Vessi shopping ad is the first to appear at the top of the page. However, there are four competitor ads featured in the same section. 😢


Google is picking up 1,000+  reviews from Vessi’s product pages. The brand sports a 4.5-star rating - nice work! ⭐️

Generic Search: 

Vessi places first for the search term “waterproof shoes,” which is great since it’s their main USP. 

You’d be surprised how many brands DON’T display first when searching their main value proposition. It’s harder than it looks. 👀 

The brand displays product ads for “men’s waterproof shoes” and “women’s waterproof shoes,” but both terms rank significantly lower when organically searching. 

Of course, this could be a result of budget constraints, bidding strategies, etc. 

Final Note: 

The brand is doing a stellar job with its GA strategy; however, we suggest utilizing retargeting ads on YouTube. 

The Pilothouse team has had HUGE success on YT. 

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