DTC 379: Meta Holiday Creative Strategy

Don’t underestimate the mini holidays leading up to (and following) Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM). 

If you want to get the most out of the end of Q3 and crush Q4, here are some Meta strategies from the Pilothouse team to get you started.

⚒️  Account structure recommendations:

✌️ Separate campaign approach

If your sale is relevant to a broad audience, prepare duplicate versions of your business-as-usual campaigns in advance. Activate these duplicates precisely when your sale commences and allocate substantial budgets initially. Ensure that non-promotion campaigns are paused to prevent competition.

🤑 Lifetime budget consideration 

For sales lasting less than three days, consider using lifetime budgets instead of daily budgets. 

Wanna kick it up a notch? 

You can explore ad credits available for testing Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns (ASC) and lifetime budgets in tandem during the promotional period.

💪 Standalone placement ad sets

If you possess tailored Reels/Stories creative suited for specific placements, consider implementing dedicated ad sets for these placements. 

This involves crafting an ad set targeting Advantage+ Placements, while a duplicate ad set exclusively targets Reels or Stories, featuring corresponding creative content. 

The strategy could result in enhanced delivery for these smaller placements.

🎨 Creative ideas:

✏️ Catalog promotion strategy

Update your catalog copy to highlight the ongoing promotion. Enhance your catalog overlays to emphasize urgency and harness the moment's excitement. 

Experiment with discount percentages, strikethroughs, and free shipping overlays. 🚢

If applicable, incorporate a prominent first card showcasing a flagship product ideal for promotional events or seasonally relevant offerings.

📸 Harness the power of creators

As witnessed in other successful direct-response brands, creators have proven effective for promotional events like Labor Day. A brand landing the right creator with the right audience can provide astronomical levels of growth because of the realtor’s trusted voice and sponsored discounts.

It only adds fuel to the fire when creators advertise products in Reels and Stories because of the scrappy and authentic nature of those formats. 

🌎 Explore Carousel and Collection formats

Employ Carousel and Collection ad formats, combining a specific product set or grouping with captivating hero images or videos. This approach captures audience attention and can potentially enhance engagement. 

🍁 Cue seasonality

Capture attention with holiday-specific graphic elements and colors. Transition seasons are a great opportunity to refresh your creatives with a touch of seasonality. This can be a simple background color change or pushing content that fits the holiday’s narrative. 

Embrace these strategic recommendations and creative ideas to position your brand for a rewarding Labor Day experience, connect with consumers, and drive positive results.

Here’s some examples to get the ball rolling: 👇

1️⃣ Simple upgrade to Catalog & Carousel

2️⃣ Harness the power of creators

3️⃣ Cue seasonality

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