DTC 356: Social Media Growth

You’ve heard social media does wonders to capture new followers and grow your DTC business… 

But you’ve also been hunkered down at your computer, Tweeting/Instagramming/TikToking like crazy, only to watch your follower count stay the same. Whomp whomp. 🥲

So what’s the magic secret? How are other DTC brands dazzling consumers and experiencing skyrocketing growth on social media? 🤔

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to social media growth, but there are specific tactics you can try to help engage your audience. 👀

1. Hook 'em

Want people to stop on your post, like it, engage, and follow you? Then, you gotta reel ‘em in with a hook. 🎣

But that’s not all. Once you’ve hooked them, follow up with body text that answers the question in the hook, provides values, and offers an actionable takeaway. ✅

2. Get visual (ahem, memes!)

If you’re going to take social media advice from someone, take it from Tommy Clark. 

And what does Tommy always say? He says lean into memes because memes get eyeballs, and eyeballs get $$$. It’s that simple.

When you’re meme-ed out, consider other colorful visuals: use a diverse mix of videos, infographics, and GIFs. 🧑‍🎨

3. Discover what makes them tick

Katelyn Bourgoin is a master of consumer psychology. Her advice? Figure out what makes your followers tick and let that drive your content. ⏱️

You can’t predict this, so just ask them. A simple poll, survey, or audience research will uncover their hidden desires and shape your future content.

4. Walk in their shoes

Another way to discover what makes your audience tick is to take a walk in their shoes. 👟 Spend time researching your audience and then thinking like your audience. 🧠

Personalize content to resonate with their interests and needs. This helps create a connection that goes beyond the superficial level.

5. Get personal

Have you ever followed a DTC brand just because you like what they’re all about? We know we have, and we also know we’re not alone. 

Consumers follow brands with similar ideas, values, and interests. As such, take the time to show consumers what you’re all about on social media. 

As Brooklin Nash tweets, share what you’re thinking, working on, and talking about with others.

6. Be authentic

Just like people can spot a poorly made toupee on a windy day, they can spot an inauthentic brand on social media. 🤣

There’s no need to put on an act—especially in today’s day and age when authenticity reigns supreme.

Establish your brand voice and lean into it with pride. 

7. Be bold as f*ck (Nick’s very own words)

Walk to your fridge, open it up, pull out one of your Mid-Day Squares, and use it to fuel up for this next outstanding tip from one of the co-founders of Mid-Day Squares himself, Nick Saltarelli.

Nick’s advice for social media growth and engagement? Be bold as f*ck.

Mid-Day Squares doesn’t mess around with their brand on social media. They also don’t sit around being boring. 🤷

Instead, they’ve created a social media reality show built on what consumers really want to see—the drama of building a DTC company. 👀

No one cares about the benefits of healthy chocolate when they’re on social media. They care about being entertained. So, entertain the masses, and then watch your following grow and the sales roll in.

8. Drop in every day

The last tip is so simple it seems almost silly.

The key to growing your following is to do exactly what master writer Keiran Drew says: build in public with a heavy tilt on story-based content, and drop in every day. 🧠

Remember, the consistent bird gets the social media worm. 🪱

Armed with these tips from the experts, you're officially ready to boost your social media following and skyrocket your engagement as a shining star in the digital universe, you DTC maestros, you!

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