DTC 352: Post Purchase

Post Purchase Email Flows

🛒 Beyond the purchase

There are so many opportunities for your brand to make a positive impact after a consumer purchase. One of our favorites focuses on confirmation emails. 📧

Your confirmation emails can say more than a simple thank you. Imagine…

  • Building stronger consumer relations
  • Collecting key post-purchase data 
  • Leveraging crucial cross-sell opportunities 

… within an email template that you’ve already built!

Remember: your customers are most likely to interact positively with your brand after a successful conversion, so use that hype to your advantage. 🔥

So make the most of your confirmation emails and a highly engaged consumer who’s already hyped about what’s to come in the post-purchase experience.

Before we dive into these opportunities, let's cover some post-purchase basics. 👇


Let’s start with the basics. Immediately after checkout, you need to focus on giving consumers crucial details about their order. 

So send a payment confirmation email with a proper “Thank You” message and an order number. This way, your team (and consumers!) can easily reference the details of an order to avoid miscommunication.

🚛 Is it there yet?

Don’t leave your consumers hangin’! Shipping updates are another essential for your customers. 

Once a purchase is complete, your consumers will be excited to receive their product. Shipping updates provide logistical information and generate more excitement for when the product finally arrives at their doorstep. 

Like, comment…

Once all the essentials are taken care of, you can ask for a few small favors in return. Consider asking for a review through a gentle reminder, an embedded survey, or a direct link to the form.

When consumers leave reviews, it adds valuable social proof for other potential customers to read before purchasing. No matter how suave your brand voice is, nothing beats hearing a positive experience from a fellow consumer. 😎

…And subscribe!

If you offer a subscription service for your products, the post-purchase email is your chance to push it! 

If consumers are returning from their last purchase or buying the same product, a subscription offer can save them time and money while establishing that sought-after brand loyalty and recurring revenue. 🤑

🗒️ A helping hand

If your product is ground-breaking, first-to-market, or involves more than a few steps to use correctly, a product guide will save your customer service team a bunch of calls from confused consumers. 

Guides also enhance the consumer experience and showcase your brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. These can be difficult to condense, so make iterations and refine when necessary as you conduct a few tests before distribution.

Complementary products can also be flaunted to make the user experience more intuitive and boost your average order value (AOV).

Now that your consumers feel supported, it’s time to sit back and watch those positive reviews roll in and recycle that content for some awesome UGC ads in the future!

💪 Make every second count

Try out some of these tactics by revising your email templates or installing some third-party software to build out your post-purchase emails. 

A feature-complete email can do wonders for your consumer relations and content pipeline. So what are you waiting for?

Get back to us with the deets’! How have you been able to refine your post-purchase flows? Have you been inspired by your DTC idols? Let us know in a reply.

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