DTC 346: TikTok

Mastering Attrition Triggers for TikTok

💄 Keepin’ up with consumers

Can your content keep up with your consumer? You have three seconds to make an impact on your next customer, and that’s no easy task. 

Today’s All Killer No Filler holds the key to an amazing hook that stops the scroll and elevates your retention on TikTok. 👇

Pilothouse’s Content Director and Manager team up to compile the most effective trigger tactics that keep your consumers engaged beyond the first seconds of video into one action-packed pod. 

🤔 Why bother?

Consumers often form an opinion of your product within those first crucial moments of your content. There are five triggers that help consumers form a healthy expectation of your brand:

1️⃣ Auditory

2️⃣ Transitional

3️⃣ Movement

4️⃣ Text

5️⃣ Branded

How your brand fulfills that expectation is up to you, but we won’t leave you hangin’ with a broad idea of what each of these triggers are so let’s get into it. 👇

📣 Listen up

Music plays a huge role in organic TikTok content, so naturally, you’ll want to include it in your TikTok ads. 

But how do you squash your favorite song to fit into a 15-second ad? Try speeding up the audio to ensure the drop hits at just the right moment to make an impact on your viewers! 

There’s a bit of a gray area when it comes to licensed music, but if you want to avoid these legalities, simply sing your favorite tune or remix it all together! Swallow some of that pride and show us your best Lizzo. 😉

For a successful remix, pump up the bass and lean into nostalgia.

Leveraging those childhood favorites is a great way to keep people listening. At the end of the day, it’s all about being genuine, relatable, and forming stronger connections with your audience. 😎

🎬 And… scene!

If you’ve fallen for the thirst-trap tactic, join the club. 😒

Subvert your audience’s expectations with a little bait-and-switch or curate a glow-up that reveals itself on the drop. Be bold and confident in this approach because audiences expect to be blown away once they’re baited in.

🚗 Keep it moving

Don’t be a talking head. This format is outdated, and people don’t trust creators when it’s obvious they’ve been paid to read a script. 

Consider how your audience uses your product and show it in action. The “Get Ready With Me” format is huge these days, and for good reason.

Include a narrative, quick cuts, music, and a resolution to keep your audience invested. 👍

✏️ Write it down

This is a low-lift iteration machine that helps convey a message quickly and concisely. Use text to set the expectation of your content so that viewers stick around until the end for the payoff. 

Text is a valuable tool, so don’t go overboard with your fonts. Keep it clean and use Helvetica.

😱 Another brand… in my video?

You wouldn’t dare put a competitor in your video, would you? It’s time to leave traditional marketing in the dust. 

Comparison videos that elevate your USPs over the competition are all the rage, but there’s a right and wrong way to do this. 

🔥 It’s all here

We cover it all in the All Killer No Filler with some additional insights featuring ads that caught our attention, inflatable mattresses, and the infamous Millennial pause. It’s time to make those first few seconds Oscar-worthy to secure that sale. 📽️💰

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