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Is Your Sponsored Brand Placement on Amazon Driving Results?

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Amazon can be an intimidating platform to approach for any marketer. Good thing Pilothouse has your back every step of the way with sizzlin’ insights to elevate your Amazon game. 🔥

This week, they’ve got the essential information to help you create an effective Sponsored Brand placement. You’ll recognize these ads as the flashy product banner you see after clicking “search.” 

This isn’t the time or place to be inefficient in advertising, so let’s dive in.

📣 Public address

Sponsored Brand placements are an incredibly effective asset that elevates your brand above the competition and builds credibility. This premium advertisement real estate provides space for an image or video banner with a complementary headline to experiment with. 

This way, you can address your audience, boast about your unique selling points (USPs) or value proposition, and hook your customer in before they have a chance to scroll any further. 

 💪 The full monty

To leverage every benefit Sponsored Brand ads offer, you’ll need to segment your keywords into specific niches and tailor your ad content to those keywords. 💡

We see many brands make the mistake of dumping their top keywords into a single campaign and drafting up some generic headline to boot. 

Check out how Purps advertises their “Keto Energy Drink” with the very generic headline “Drink with a purpose.” This headline misses the opportunity to include significant keywords from the search term: 

On the other hand, this ad from LMNT appeared when we searched for “keto electrolytes.” Notice how the headline Drink LMNT | Keto-Paleo Friendly Hydration included our search term. 👇

By taking an extra step and segmenting out their ‘keto’ related keywords, LMNT tailors their ad to the actual search term. Apply this tactic across all of your keyword segments that make sense. 

🎉 Strength in weakness

If bidding on competitor terms, focus on why your product is different or better than theirs! 🤔 When bidding on branded terms, focus your headline on the bottom-of-funnel customer. 

If you’re hunting down more generic terms, focus on the primary (top-of-funnel) hook of your products to garner attention. 

⚡ Stay relevant

With effective segmentation, you can tailor your message and increase the performance of your Sponsored Brand ads to stay relevant on an already very competitive platform. 

👀 Your turn

Take this information from the Pilothouse Amazon team and review your current Amazon strategy if you find yourself struggling to maintain a top position among your competition.

Every brand is vying for that top spot, so those who make the effort to segment keywords and tailor creatives are going to come out on top. Don’t get left in the dust by your competitors who started this process yesterday! 

Do you have a new vision for your Amazon strategy? If you’re already at the top spot, what got you there? Let us know in a reply!

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