Don’t Know How to Darkpost on TikTok? You Do Now

We bet you didn’t even know you could dark post on TikTok. However, TikTok has made dark posting content available without making a big fuss about it to advertisers.

Here’s what the Pilothouse TikTok team has discovered: 👇

  • Simply upload your video to your TikTok organic
  • Make your video private
  • In video settings, select “Branded content and ads”
  • Next, select “Ad authorization” and “Only show in ads”

Voila! Easy as that. Now your brand or a creator can share a spark ad code with you and you’ll be dark posting in no time! 💡

This feature (or hack) bridges the gap between improved performance on spark ads and allowing a major variety of testing within standard ad placements.

This is your chance for testing galore! 🚀

Note: spark ads do re-direct to your organic page if users click your username. Make sure you have a solid organic presence on the platform!

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