Did you know you can EASILY build Google custom audiences?

Building custom audiences is useful for top-of-funnel campaigns, it allows you to tailor your targeting to your creative angles.

Check out these stats from a Pilothouse client: 👇

Custom Audiences

  • Custom Intent #1: Cost $3,999 Conv Rate .34% ROAS 1.69
  • Custom Intent #2: Cost $3,509 Conv Rate .66% ROAS 1.41  
  • Custom Intent #3: Cost $183 Conv Rate .09% ROAS.22

Google Audiences

  • Google Audience #1: Cost $3,579 Conv Rate 0.00% ROAS 0.0
  • Google Audience #2: Cost $1,056 Conv Rate 0.02% ROAS 0.03
  • Google Audience #3: Cost $1,296 Conv Rate 0.02% ROAS 0.21

The Pilothouse Google team has broken it down into simple steps. Follow along! 👀

To begin, navigate to: Google Ads → Tools and Settings → Audience Manager → Audiences → and hit the +

1️⃣ Name the audience: Choose a meaningful name that will be easy to recall in the future.

2️⃣ Select Custom Segments → New custom segments

Depending on the type of audience you’re building, choose between:

  • People with any of these interests or purchase intentions
  • People who searched for any of these terms on Google

3️⃣ Enter your keywords or Google search terms into the search bar. Google will start populating the number of users in this audience on the right-hand side.

4️⃣ Save your segment, then save your audience.

Done! You can now add your audience to your ad groups for targeting.    

Audience ideas to test:

  • Top Converting TOF Keywords (take converting keywords from search and shopping)
  • Competitor Audiences (users who have searched for your competitor sites)

Thanks to Kari from the Pilothouse Google team for the great tip (try this out on Display, Discovery, and YouTube). Happy building! 🔥

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