Developing Unique Angles to Fuel Your Creative

We’ve said it once and we’ll certainly say it again, the customer perspective should be centric on your creative angles. 👈

If you’ve run the well dry on unique creative ideas to help sell your product, no need to worry. Our cherished creative team formed five questions to help generate new creative angles to attract your audience.

Angles will help you create memorable, relatable, and hopefully high-converting ads!

Remember that although you as a brand owner know your product best, what you think customers want to know and what they actually want to know might differ.

You may think your color options are your greatest selling point, but your customers are more interested in how they fit or wear. 🤷

When looking for new angles, try phrasing it as a question from the customer’s perspective.

1️⃣ What can your product solve about people’s lives?

Is it saving them time? Money? Why was their life painful or a task slowed down or monotonous before your product came along?

For example, if you’re a toothbrush company constantly seeing, “I want a toothbrush that will give me whiter teeth in less time,” your angle may be focused on before-and-after pictures and customer reviews showing how easy it was to incorporate your product into their lives.

2️⃣ What do people enjoy most about your product?

Take a look through the comments on your current ads ad and reviews. Search for patterns as well as unique points to showcase your product’s versatility.

For example, if a review says, “I never thought canned water could taste so good and be recycled after.” You may want to consider an angle that focuses on sustainable products without sacrificing taste!

3️⃣ How were things being done conventionally before you came along?

Before dishwashers, there was only manual dishwashing. Before washing machines, clothes were washed in a basin.

If you’re a company making a robot vacuum, you could highlight that before your product, people had to:

  • Take the time to vacuum.
  • Pay someone to vacuum if they didn’t have time.
  • Vacuum multiple times per week.

Create an angle around how your product eliminates the pitfalls of how things used to be done!

4️⃣ What is a common complaint that can be spun to positively market your product?

Pop back into your comments and reviews and search for something people may not like about your product.

For example, if you’re a company selling premium socks, some reviews may say their multipack from the big box store is cheaper and works just as well. Use your ad angle to showcase the benefits of premium socks – they last longer, they don’t get holes, are more fashionable, etc.

5️⃣ How can you compare your product uniquely to another product in a similar market?

Sometimes, consumers don’t know they have pain points until you show them! Sell your alternative product against the basic version that’s been on the market forever.

If you’re selling an automatic dish scrubber, you may consider an angle that makes consumers think, “I’ve been using sponges for years not realizing the benefits of…”

If you’re not testing different angles and messaging in you’re creative, you’re missing out.

Are you crushing the advertising game with an angle we haven’t listed? Send us the angle and we’ll feature our favorites!

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