Deck The Halls With Content Inspiration

Do you ever wish upon a star that other platforms had their own equivalent to Facebook Ads Library? 👀

If you’re:

  • Finding yourself wanting to check on your competitor's ad copy,
  • Struggling to find new angles,
  • And looking for more ads from the brands you love or look up to,

Today is your lucky day!

💫 Here’s a free Google alternative to get your fix of competitor ads:

1️⃣ Navigate to Google and search the brand you’re keen on seeing.

2️⃣ If an ad appears on search, you’re ready to rock and roll! Simply click the triangle on the right side of the headline (or three dots if you’re on mobile). This hack doesn’t work for all companies in all regions yet, make sure to check a few if you’re not seeing what you’re looking for!

3️⃣ After clicking, navigate to ‘See more ads by this advertiser.’

Once you’ve clicked through to see all, you’ll be able to see all ads a brand is running on Google for images, video, and text! 🎉

This is the closest hack to a ‘Google Ads Library’ we’ve found!

Happy spying! Do you have any more hacks to see competitor ads? Send us an email outlining your process!

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