Creative Diversity: Capturing New Audiences Through Messaging & Angles

Wondering what separates good agencies from great creative partners? The ability to represent your brand across varying types of creative on different platforms.

How many times do you look at the same ad more than once? When you see it once, you become accustomed to its message, and (more subtly) the style of that ad.

Similarly, if you’re creating ONLY polished lifestyle ads for your product for fear of diluting your messaging, you may be missing the opportunity to showcase new angles and messaging to capture new audiences. Using new creative formats and messaging may just be the change needed to trigger a sale from scrollers!

Check out this example:

You are scrolling through content you have selected to see (whether consciously or not) and then pops an ad for a new type of cereal from your favorite brand.

  • The ad is someone eating the cereal and then driving to the gym. Cool. You can eat that cereal, that actor liked the cereal, you can drive after it (and hey maybe get a workout in).

The next ad is an iteration with similar messaging:

  • The ad is a child eating the cereal that their dad poured for them. They too are very happy eating it.

What have we learned about the cereal? Some assumptions as to the usefulness of the product. Even with a catchy CTA, it’s not enough to trigger the switch from our favorite cereal to this one.

Here’s how the Pilothouse creative team would signify the desire to switch:

  • Use side-by-side comparisons between the new cereal and your old favorite to showcase differences.
  • Have the person enjoying the cereal talk about the benefits and how it fits into their busy lifestyle.
  • Compile a series of reviews (written or video) showcasing the reasons people should eat THIS specific cereal.

It’s not just about the product, but the depth of information that can be provided through different styles of ads.

If you’ve got creative burnout, or are looking for new angles to get your product in front of the right people, reach out to the Pilothouse creative  team!

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