Creating Content That Gets Engagement

You’ve asked, and we’ve listened. One of the most common questions that lands in our inbox is, “How do I create content that people actually engage with?”

We asked the most clever creatives what you can do to start boosting those posts.

Engagement in ads is important – especially on Meta. It’s a big part of the advertising pie, and you want to ensure you’ve got your slice!

Users can like and comment on ads, so your media buyers and creative managers need to know how to maximize that screen real estate.

Are your ads driving comments?

If you see an ad on a Meta and you’re even slightly interested in the product, you’ll find yourself in the comments section. That’s true for potential buyers of your products too! Scrollers are clicking into comments to see the ‘real talk’ about your product!

Engagement is a fickle monster. Sometimes you can run a campaign where the image asks prospects to answer, but it might not be directly related to sales. Just because people are engaging doesn’t mean they’re also buying.

Our marvelous Meta Senior Buyer says the answer is finding an “angle, offer and social proof to help ads find their fastest path to success.”

Engagement is often received organically through:

  • A bold statement.
  • An interactive video or graphic that demonstrates or proves your product use-case from the customer's point of view.

Looking for engagement doesn’t have to be so serious! Try using something funny. When people find humor online, they’re more likely to remember, share, interact, and talk about it.

If you aren’t swimming in cash, or don’t have a design team to make a great funny ad, it’s time to get memeing. Memes take minimal talent and time but are a FANTASTIC way to relate your brand to the buyer’s life.

If you don’t have time to be memeing around, we know a team that’s pretty great at it. 😉

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