Cracking the TikTok Retargeting Algorithm

Tikok and retargeting are like bitter cousins. 😂

Retargeting wants to hit its audience 3+ times and raise the frequency. Tiktok doesn't want to show the ad to someone twice.

Retargeting wants to hit the hottest audiences that are the lowest in the funnel. Tiktok has data loss.  🤦‍♂️

To solve both of the above scenarios, the Pilothouse TikTok team suggests:

  • Considering a weekly retargeting audience segmentation based on late % video viewers
  • When viewers have watched 75%+ of your creatives, they’ll then get added to a retargeting list where they’ll be hit with a new ad every week, for the next 3-5 weeks

Using this strategy, your pool size will stay quite large, and the frequency won't get too high before they get moved to the new ad week.

For more TikTok insight, including a full breakdown of Pilothouse’s “TikTok Creative Flywheel” make sure to check out this All Killer No Filler Podcast.

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