Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion

You may be wondering, how can I increase my website conversion without spending bucket loads of money?

Twitter user Olly, who’s audited 500 SaaS landing pages, has got you covered!

The overarching theme? Re-write the copy on your landing page. Here are the 7 best techniques:

🤫 Agitate your visitor

Make sure your viewer knows the downside of how they’re currently doing things.

Is the system broken? Can your product relieve their pain points? Outlining the frustration is a great way for your visitor to find a solution.

❌ Address doubts and objections

Everyone has doubts when buying a product. Will it work the way I need it to? Will this product solve x,y, and z?

Make sure to address and outline your answers before they move on to something else.

Not sure what your customers' doubts are? Consider an exit survey, reviewing sales questions, and reviewing socials and email inquiries.

😌 Simplify your language

Buzzword lingo is not the way to go for landing pages. It’s too confusing

Use clear headlines and make sure your landing page is easy to scan.

✅Focus on benefits

Tell your visitors why the features you offer matter. Leave your customer knowing the benefits and what they can achieve with your product.

Remember that there needs to be a logical link between your product and the benefits you’re claiming it has!

🔎 Evidence your claims

If you’re claiming to be the best, the cheapest, the perfect solution… prove it!

Consider using:

  • Social proof: testimonials, reviews, rewards
  • Copy: detailing policies, accreditations, numbers
  • Show: screenshots, product demo, videos

✨ Focus on your USP’s

What do you offer that's different from the competition? What features are unique to your brand?

This is your unique selling point and how potential customers will compare you.

Olly suggests using one key USP to hang their messaging on!

🖼 Support with visuals

Nice illustrations are just that, nice.

Your images on your landing page should support your key messages within your copy and support the claims that you’re making.

*avoiding popular/generic illustrations is a great way to stand out!

For examples for each of the 7 steps and a checklist to make sure you’ve hit all your points, check out Olly’s great Twitter thread! 🧵

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