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ICYMI: YouTube has been loud and proud in conveying their new monetization initiatives for creators and advertisers.

But sometimes, things get a little confusing in Google’s ecosystem, so we’ll outline the deets for what advertisers can expect in Q4 and 2023 on YouTube. 📝

To start, your ads are shown to more audiences than ever before.

The Youtube Partner Program has added eight forms of monetization since its launch in 2007, meaning more creators are showing more ads. These changes include Partner eligibility for Shorts creators and less restrictive Partner requirements across the board.

💥 This is your moment

YouTube Select has been updated to include Moment Blast. Your business can focus on the most engaged audiences by targeting viewers of YouTube Select content. While this already seems like a pretty sweet deal, the option of a Masthead placement and a Branded Title Card enhance the viewing experience for audiences and advertisers.

🔎 A discovery channel

There are a lot of components to a successful video campaign. Start with this equation:

Video Campaigns + Shorts Ads + Product Feeds = 70% increase in conversion

☝️ Did you know that after product feeds were expanded to Shorts, Google said “campaigns with product feeds saw an over 70% increase in conversions” on Shorts compared to those without product feeds?

It’s a complex but effective combination for advertising in YouTube’s ecosystem.

🤑 Buy local

Product feeds will be localized and managed in the Google Merchant Center. Real-time inventory tracking across your locations allows shoppers to select their most convenient pick-up or shipping location.

Reduce your shipping costs and increase conversion rates if you can take advantage of this feature!

🎧 Audiophiles

Audio ads are available for purchase through Google Ads and Display & Video 360. If you have an audio-based product or service or sub-par video editing skills, Audio Ads provide another way to increase brand awareness by targeting dedicated podcast listeners.

With a committed audience, podcasts are an efficient way to reiterate your products' value, so gift-givers will remember your brand this holiday season. 🎁

📺 As seen on YouTube

People trust creators, and creators want sponsors. Marketers are engaging the most informed audiences ever, and consumers place high value on the opinion of their favorite content creators to support their purchase decisions.

You can access a direct response from your chosen creator and their audience through the comment section of sponsored videos to know who you’re selling to, why they love your products, and how they bought them.

👉 Check out more details on these initiatives in the second annual From YouTube to You  event scheduled for November 10th, 2022.

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