Building Your Q4 Early Access Email List

Q4 is here but have no fear, the fun has just begun.

One topic that comes up again and again within Meta teams? Email & SMS list building.

But why is the Meta team talking about email? 🤔 Because email lists drive a TON of value for brands. And Meta traffic can help fuel those lists. So…

Meta traffic + email opt-in = 💰

First, consider the different opt-in methods for capturing subscribers on your landing pages:

  • Pop-up
  • Mid-page (embed)
  • Footer

The most under-utilized method is often the mid-page embed form, which is less distracting and invasive than a pop-up. Especially top of funnel when intent is at its lowest point, that extra action of closing a pop-up can decrease your conversion rates.

Next, it’s time to…

  • Get an email list set up, ideally segmented by UTM parameters so you can measure results by channel.
  • Build your opt-in form A/B tests to find the method that works best for your brand.
  • Get Meta campaigns built.
  • Start sending traffic to landing pages.

🛍️ Here are the best practices for setting up your Meta campaigns for email list building:

1️⃣ Use the “sales” campaign objective and the purchase conversion event for your campaign

This will help drive quality leads who have purchase intent. We generally find that the “lead” campaign objective drives lower quality leads.

2️⃣ Verify tracking

Ensure your lead event is properly tracking and that the opt-in form is directing traffic to the correct list.  📈

You’ll also want to connect with whoever manages email for your brand to check that users on the list are being engaged (welcome series, upcoming campaigns, etc).

3️⃣ Keep the copy short and to the point

Less is more here. ✍️ Let the audience know something big is coming and that they’ll be the first to know. Let email sell users with offers and unique selling points!

Once your campaigns are spending and you’re receiving data back, optimize down to the top ads based on the lowest CPL. 🙌

To measure the full results of lead gen efforts, your Meta team should work with your email team to understand how much revenue the Meta list drove during Q4 and compare that to ad spend. 💸

If you know the LTV of an email subscriber, take that into account as well!

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