Brand Spotlight - Sansorium

People all over the world are looking for healthier options to relax and unwind. 😌

Say hello to Sansorium, an alcohol-free marketplace.

Alcohol-free may not be something most people have dipped their toes into yet… and it may have you thinking, ‘why would I spend my hard-earned money if I don’t even know if I’m going to like it?’.

🤔 What if you could try before you buy?

Sansorium hit the streets and held monthly pop-ups around Vancouver, BC, to show their potential customers the reality of possibilities for their new and improved nightcaps.

With the world opening back up, there’s no better time than the present to leverage in-person events to increase awareness and push sales. 🥂

Sansorium also nails their socials and feature recipes and food pairing suggestions, artsy stills, and ingredient education. 👇

If you’re thinking about going alcohol-free, the days of only choosing between water, soda, or juice are in the past. Check out all the alternatives available to you!

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