Brand Breakdown Part 4: Bombas (Social Media)



Instagram is the place for brands to showcase their visual personality and their products. Bombas has taken full advantage, amassing 200K followers there so far.

Bombas rocks our socks off with vibrant and unique product imagery on their IG. Just one glance at their feed, and you can tell that a) they make cool socks, and b) they like to have fun. 🎉

Here are some of our favorites.


👀 Product Visuals




What a fun, eye-catching image to show off a new product line. Plus, props for the nice, snappy caption to go along with it.



Basic flat lays can go a long way when it comes to showcasing your product. This one takes it to the next level with dozens of different Bombas offerings in one beautiful shot. And… Why yes, who wouldn’t want all of these under their Christmas tree? 🎄



The perfect post does not exi –

A very effective tactic: Use the consumer's FOMO! Offering a sale that only returns annually provokes a sense of urgency in the consumer.

Bombas also reminds the consumer of the company’s charitable nature and the consumer's possible contribution. This is a win/win/win for the consumer, brand, and featured charities.

Well done, Bombas!



This is some killer UGC that not only shows their product front and center, but also… dog. The engagement on this post compared to others speaks for itself.


Brand Content 🔥

While a huge chunk of their Instagram is dedicated to socks, underwear, and other apparel, they do manage to sprinkle in some posts about their brand mission and ethos of giving back.



This is a fantastic post that celebrates the good that Bombas (and their shoppers) are doing behind the scenes. It helps connect their followers to the true mission of the brand – which goes far beyond comfy socks.



Bombas also regularly creates posts that give their followers ideas on ways to give back to their community. We love this from a brand perspective – not trying to sell anything, just providing value! 👏



This is a fun, creative way of informing shoppers about their replacement policy, which is honestly such a good reason to shop with them. Are the dryer monsters covered, too?


Overall Thoughts on IG 👇

Looking at Bombas’ most recent IG posts, you’ll see a lot of highly polished, professional imagery and not much raw content (this could be part of a holiday campaign and not a permanent look).


We’d suggest making sure there’s room for authentic UGC and brand content in the feed (which they’ve done a nice job of in their stories). Real, unpolished content is what can drive engagement, credibility, and relatability on Instagram. 👊


Other suggestions:

  • Consider testing captions that drive more engagement on posts, such as asking questions or tagging a friend.
  • Use relevant IG hashtags more regularly on posts to enhance discoverability, but keep them brand-focused – and use only 3-5.



Bombas has been on TikTok since May 2021, shortly after the channel exploded, and “partner with TikTok Influencers” got added to just about every brand’s annual goals.

Since then, they’ve regularly put out videos that have a good mix of UGC, influencer collabs, tips and tricks, and branded content.


This is Bombas’ first video on TikTok, which does a decent job of concisely telling the brand story. We think it could have been a liiiitle more fun and engaging, like this amazing video from their Instagram.

We love this video for several reasons:

  1. Real customer, real story.
  2. Dog. 🐶
  3. Educates on a brand differentiator: their killer replacement policy.
  4. Dog with sunglasses. 🕶️


On the same note, this video shows you how to actually contact their customer service for those replacement socks.

Did you know you could fold socks like this?! We didn’t! 🤯 This is a great example of sharing useful content while also promoting a product.


If you’re scratching your head watching this… Don’t worry, we were too. 🤔

It’s a collab with ballerina Brooke Wilson that shows how she “breaks in” her pointe shoes, and it just so happens to have the most engagement (2.2M views!) of any post on Bombas’ profile.

Just goes to show you never know what’ll go viral on TikTok!


Overall Thoughts on TikTok 👇

Bombas has a good mix of diverse content on TikTok, but we see a few opportunities they could capitalize on:


  • They only show their socks on TikTok. We think there’s space to highlight other apparel – especially with some funny underwear content.
  • Bombas has a line of performance socks that runners rave about. They could consider doing a collab with a runner on TikTok to speak to that segment of their audience.
  • Dance videos are HUGE on TikTok. We see a big opportunity for the brand to jump on trending dances with people wearing their socks. 💃🏻


👋 That’s all for this Brand Breakdown, fam! We hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at Bombas’ marketing channels.

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