Brand Breakdown Part 3: Brightland (Social Media)

👥 Facebook

We’ve all fallen victim to watching long, overly-produced Tasty videos on Facebook just to see what the end product could possibly be.

Brightland does something similar and uses their Facebook feed to feature cool visual content that shows off the product in various lights, angles, and scenes.

Rather than just posting photos of the product itself, followers get to see Brightland in action with different food shots (much tastier looking than Tasty). 😜

Their creative makes your mouth water, which is a significant lever to encourage users to try the product!

✨ What we suggest:

  • Create a unique FB strategy. Brightland’s Facebook content is cross-posted from Instagram, which helps with consistency, but  also means the channel doesn’t have its own strategy.
  • Diversify content. There’s other content that Brightland can share on its Facebook page, including the recipes they have on their website, more holiday content, and UGC.

Since Brightland has a smaller following on Facebook, they could also share fun campaigns, bundles, or Facebook-specific giveaways to encourage more people to discover the page and engage with their content.

📸 Instagram

With over 72k followers on the platform, Brightland is no stranger to the ‘perfectly curated’ feed.

They use Instagram to share recipes, introduce new products (and innovative ways to use them), and drive traffic to their website/blog.

Brightland showcases more video content on Instagram to show scrollers even more ways their products spice up kitchen creations.

Brightland also has a good balance between showing off their product, food made with their product, and other content. This makes their Instagram not feel overly salesy, and more like a place shoppers can visit to learn more about the products.

By adding fun giveaways and partnerships with other popular brands, Brightland also has content that helps drive new potential customers to their page.

✨ What we suggest:

  • Where the recipes at? Brightland has a huge opportunity to share more recipes on IG. These could be featured as an image with the recipe in the description or as a carousel, with each image being a different step.
  • Use your UGC. The tagged section on Brightland’s Instagram profile hosts tons of content from shoppers showing off the product, unboxing it for the first time, and recipes they’ve made with Brightland.

Brightland can easily leverage this UGC to share on its profile and tag the creator. This encourages more people to submit UGC and works as fantastic social proof!

📍 Pinterest

Pinterest can sometimes be the forgotten social platform… but Pinterest has 431 MILLION users and is the go-to place for many recipe searchers.

Brightland’s presence on Pinterest inspires new customers to seek out their products and showcase how stylish it can look in users' kitchens.

Not a lot of brands invest time in Pinterest, but Brightland uses it as one of its main channels and has done a pretty good job with it.

If you’re looking for recipes, Brightland’s Pinterest page is where you can find plenty of them. Their video tutorials make it easy for users to follow along and have a good idea of what your end product should look like.

No #PinterestFails happening here 😂

Brightwell does a brilliant job organizing their collections.

You can browse through catalogs of content, such as food and drink, vibrant kitchens, outdoor dining, and more. Each collection features a mix of Brightland content and content from other users.

There’s UGC and recipes from Brightland customers in some of the collections. Another example of excellent social proof!

✨ What we suggest:

  • Repurpose content. The video content on Brightland’s Pinterest is perfect for channels like TikTok. They have a repurposing opportunity here that they aren’t currently leveraging.
  • Stick to your niche. A lot of collections on Brightland’s profile make sense, but some aren’t exactly related to the product, and this can confuse new visitors e.g., the bold fashion album and the cozy bedroom collection.

It's so cool to see Brightland taking advantage of a platform that is so underutilized in ad space!

✌️ That's it for today’s Brightland’s social Brand Breakdown! Hope you’re hungry, we’ll see ya next week for part 4!

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