Brand Breakdown Part 2: Mejuri (Emails)

We can’t spend the whole time drooling over these top-notch creatives… So, we’re also sharing with you valuable insights from the best and strongest marketers in the northern hemisphere.

Let's start analyzing!

💍 We’re married to this template

This is the very first email we received when signing up to their email list. It’s aesthetically pleasing, informative, and a great introduction to the brand!

🌟 The Gold:

  • These are some gooood looking emails. The product is blasted in full screen, combined with on-model shots, plus the tasteful use of negative space. It’s AMAZING.
  • Their full-screen shots look perfect and are fantastic for mobile vertical alignment.
  • The white background looks good in both light mode and dark mode.
  • The copy is awesome! Everyone loves a brand story – it's what differentiates you from the competition. Mejuri’s use of the founder’s voice is an excellent strategy to make the brand approachable and further personalize the consumer’s experience.

📝 Pro tips from Pilothouse:

Overall, this is a great approach to modern templates. This is the kind of design that we jump to in our email list – the view is perfect for eye candy. Templates like this will 100% improve your click-through rate.

🤙 Pinky Promise

This one landed in our inbox two (2) days after the initial welcome email.

🌟 The Gold:

  • This is an excellent brand and trust builder! Mejuri’s copy in the first creative highlights the brand's strong values on product availability and sustainability concerns.
  • Displaying percentages that support your brand’s value claims is a fabulous technique to strengthen consumer confidence. It shows your consumer you’ve done your diligence and truly care about your product!

📝 Pro tips from Pilothouse:

This email is more about education than driving sales, and that’s okay!

Within your welcome flow, users need to be educated on your brand – not just be fed with discount codes. This email is a fantastic way to show that Mejuri stands behind their product and leverages social proof (in this case, Vogue) to show shoppers that others do too!

🧐 Inbox innovation

This email was received four (4) days after the first.

🌟 The Gold:

  • We love that they used the support chat bubbles to educate their customers on the brand’s special features: the free ring sizer and on-hand stylist. That’s a solid approach to ensure customer confidence.
  • The ‘on model’ images are very clean and initially draw the eyes of the customer.
  • The grid of stylized images is a fantastic format to drive (and segment) users to their preferred products.

📝 Pro tips from Pilothouse:

This is a very innovative email. We love the integration of the chat bubble as more than just a support feature! The product grid is visually appealing – terrific for driving users to the respective product catalogs.

👎 Backstreet ain’t back…

🌟 The Gold:

  • We LOVE the copy. These days, urgency is everything! A simple addition of “get ‘em before they’re gone” in your copy may surprise you.
  • The GIF display is a killer visual to highlight multiple products in the space of a single image. Using GIFs is a clever use of your limited email real estate.

📝 Pro tips from Pilothouse:

Though there are a bunch of positives in this email, it seems like this would be far more effective as a campaign, and not as a welcome series email. “They’re back” isn't the urgent drive, it's the smaller copy below that makes us want to toss a ring into the cart.

Something we’ve been testing and seeing a lot of success with is a warehouse pic paired with an urgency-promoting copy. Sure, it might not be on brand, but that’s what warehouse pics are for. To shake things up and draw interest from consumers.

🚀 More than just a vessel

We’re loving this collab! This is a fantastic introduction to complimentary products after just over two weeks of welcome emails and campaigns!

🌟 The Gold:

  • This is an interesting cross-sell. It takes several images to show the value, and the images do that job well. Putting your jewelry in a jewelry box hides it away from view. This is a nice solution that elegantly displays and stores products.
  • Also, a great introduction to the face behind the product – Maggie Holladay. Putting a name to a face is an effective way to add personality to a brand and truly connect with your consumer.

📝 Pro tips from Pilothouse:

Collabs are a gateway to growth, especially when your collaborator’s product goes hand-in-hand with yours! In this case, the jewelry display would be empty without Mejuri, and Mejuri’s pieces wouldn’t look as neat without Claude.

Collaborating can also get your product in front of a new audience. The brand you’re collaborating with may have their own subset of viewers that are keen on your products!

We suggest creating an email-specific promo code or discount code for the product. A code may help incentivize buyers to make the purchase.

👔 Looking at you, Dad

🌟 The Gold:

  • The hero 1x3 grid combo throughout the email is fire.
  • How they templated the images and products along with the product descriptions is incredibly cool and leads the eyes down the page.

📝 Pro tips from Pilothouse:

This email was sent leading up to Father’s Day. However, with a few copy tweaks, the template could crush as a holiday email too!

⛈ The style after the storm

We received this one after completing our purchase! We love that Mejuri is getting us excited about styling our pieces while also delivering a healthy dose of education.

🌟 The Gold:

  • These are some of the most intriguing creatives we’ve seen yet! The piercing breakdown is an excellent approach to highlight multiple products in a single creative, all while educating the audience on cartilage piercings.
  • This email is in a blog-style format, which is very interesting and effective when at the bottom of the funnel. This is some interesting content to send to customers post-purchase to draw up some more interest in the brand.

📝 Pro tips from Pilothouse:

We can’t talk enough about this email’s creative and blog format. It seems to be highly educational and is a great strategy to resonate with their targeted audience.

That’s it for email! 👋 Catch you next week for Part 3 of our brand breakdown on Mejuri!

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