Brand Breakdown Part 2: Brightland (Email)

👋 Email 1: Welcome

Who doesn’t love clean and clear navigation?

At the top of the email, Brightland includes tabs (Shop, Gift, About, Subscription) to help map the customer journey effectively.

This helps them categorize the audience into distinct segments—from those who need to know more before committing to a purchase to those already using the products regularly and looking into a subscription. 🙌

Brightland does a great job of introducing their mission near the top of the email, but the ongoing emphasis on the specifics of their mission and values eventually starts to drag and results in information overload. 🤯

However, the emotional appeal toward the community at the end leaves the reader engaged and inspired.



💡 Areas of opportunity:

  • Include a call to action top-of-fold to encourage a higher click-through rate.
  • There’s design inconsistency on the CTA buttons, with some stylized in all-caps while others are in sentence case.
  • The content is lengthy. We suggest consolidating it a bit but keeping the letter from the CEO. That's a really nice touch! 👌
  • Add a coupon code. Brightland should set up a website pop-up for 10% off and include this in the welcome series to encourage first-time purchases.
  • The structure of the CTAs in this post is a tad confusing. Brightland should consider a different layout to optimize the time customers scroll through.


📫 Email 2: Free Delivery

Including an introductory offer and a free delivery call-out during the holiday season is a good move for Brightland, mainly to keep AOV high with a minimum order amount.

But it does potentially create an expectation for price slashes for those new to the brand.

For the CTA, using language that suggests claiming an exclusive offer rather than a generic ‘shop now’ is also a good strategy. 

Brightland is wise to use the Mini Essentials sample set as a featured product, which is likely to pique the interest of a first-time buyer.

In addition to the navigation bar from the last email, Brightland also included bottom navigation buttons that allow the recipient to shop by category and gauge interest in particular products.

👀 Email 3: Mini Essentials

This might have been an excellent addition to Brightland’s welcome series. However…

💡 Areas of opportunity: 

  • This email was received right after an order confirmation, which means that recent buyers weren’t excluded from receiving the send.
  • Brightland either overlooked creating a proper exclusion segment for converted purchasers or chose not to do so. 🤷
  • By offering an attractive discount on a specific product, Brightland must exclude those who purchased this set in the last 1-2 months.

📦 Email 4: Order Tracking 

Including a link to recipes with an order tracking email is a nice touch. It can help educate buyers about the product and get them excited about how they’ll use it.

💡 Areas of opportunity: 

  • This approach would be more impactful as a separate email with tailored copy and a CTA to get the audience excited about the recipes and use the opportunity to upsell. 
  • In this version, the copy feels quite uninspired and could use an infusion of brand personality. ⚡
  • A post-purchase flow would be a brilliant follow-up. Utilizing a "how to use" the purchased product and recipes. 

♻️ Email 5: Repeating

This email had plenty going for it the first time around. But receiving it for the third time, even after a purchase, has made it lose its luster.

💡 Areas of opportunity: 

  • By re-sending the content and not excluding converted purchasers, Brightland’s offer doesn’t feel special anymore. 
  • If segment filters were set up to exclude buyers, this content could have been repurposed with a different subject line. 

🎉 Email 6: Holiday!

This holiday email uses a fun headline and copy to showcase Brightland products as the perfect gifts. The brand used a staggered design to display product photos and accompanying copy with CTAs in a way that doesn’t feel too crowded. 

💡 Areas of opportunity: 

  • Brightland should ensure this email makes it specifically to the segment of their audience that had previously clicked on the “Gifts” button on their top navigation. 
  • The email reiterates the offer of 30% off the Mini Essentials set that buyers cannot claim until they purchase. Since the language can be misleading, it would probably be best to retire this offer.
  • While the copy itself is strong, the repeating ‘Shop’ CTAs fall flat in comparison. For the same reason, the ‘Shopping for the Holidays?’ section at the bottom seems redundant. 
  • We much prefer this layout over some of the previous ones. However, segmenting this and using dynamic blocks could ensure that Brightland sends the right products to the customers that have previously purchased or shown interest in. 

✍️ Email 7: Endorsements

Highlighting endorsements from food writers, rather than just customer reviews, is a great way to build brand credibility. The copy at the top of the email is engaging and effectively introduces the endorsements below.

💡 Areas of opportunity: 

  • This PR content could have been used more strategically earlier in the welcome series campaign. These types of endorsements would have been influential in converting someone who has yet to make a purchase. 
  • Alternatively, this could be a way to encourage repeat purchases, had the email been sent a week or two after the customer has received their order. As part of the holiday gift campaign, this messaging doesn’t quite fit. 
  • A CTA higher up in the email would be more optimal. The CTA sits at the bottom, which risks the possibility that people won't reach the bottom of the email to read it.

📬 Email 8: Delivery Confirmation

Brightland uses a delivery confirmation email as an opportunity to direct customers to their social media. 

In the event that the delivery email doesn’t line up with the timing of the actual delivery, there is also a large and clear CTA directing customers to a customer service email. This feature will anticipate any issues and proactively ensures a good customer service experience.

💡 Areas of opportunity: 

  • In line with their messaging of welcoming customers to the Brightland community, the brand should encourage customers to submit a photo of their products or culinary creations on social media and tag their account. 
  • This could be reinforced by using a user-generated image as the header for the email. 
  • There is also an opportunity to incentivize customers with a photo submission contest, generating even greater social media engagement.

📚 Email 9: Education

Sent to customers post-delivery, this email aims to educate them about the product and encourage them to maximize value from their purchase with a taste test recommendation and recipe suggestions. 

Brightland was also smart to refrain from using a call out for a specific sell here, and instead of directing the customer back to the website to take a look at recipes.

💡 Areas of opportunity: 

  • Rather than just a “More Recipes” CTA, Brightland has the chance to end even stronger and thank the customer again or emphasize the variety of content on their website. This will help provide closure and complete the email on a more personal note.
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