Brand Breakdown Part 1: OluKai (Meta Ads)

🥰 That fuzzy feeling

✨ Quick

  • The ad copy is fantastic!
  • The visual concept is strong
  • The product should stand out more from the other elements
  • The text in the sidebar doesn’t add much

💡 Pro tips:

This lifestyle ad has many things going for it. The unique design elements, overall concept, and clever play on words make us want to engage with this ad further.

What holds this ad back from being absolutely stellar is some unclear text and design elements that shift the spotlight away from the product. Conceptually, we understand that this is a lifestyle shot but it results in a beautiful photo rather than something used to sell us a product.

🎓 Education is key

✨ Quick

  • Some of us aren’t sure what “shearling” is
  • We can Google it, but we end up leaving the ad
  • A unique layout makes this a memorable ad
  • Consumers would be more engaged if Olukai educated us on their products

💡 Pro tips:

Ads are a killer way to educate potential consumers about your vision or what sets you apart from the crowd.

In this case, Olukai presents us with ‘shearling’ shoes. This was an opportunity to educate us on what sets shearling apart from other materials and would compel us to buy this product.

The layout is attractive and dynamic enough to grab our attention but pushes us away when we have to Google what shearling means.

🌧 Saved for the rainy day

✨ Quick

  • Beautiful video showcases the product
  • Detailed angles provide further proof of quality and confidence
  • Could they capitalize on scarcity?

💡 Pro tips:

This ad is gorgeous. From the sleek water effects to the detailed raincheck angle, everything pops to spotlight the product and its selling points. Eventually, Olukai should capitalize on the potential scarcity of the product to improve conversion rates.

🐾 Comfy paws

✨ Quick

  • Strong headline and ‘punchy’ copy
  • Our attention is immediately drawn to the dog rather than the product
  • More experimentation would help this ad

💡 Pro tips:

We love a strong headline and punchy copy. The style of writing is spot-on for this type of ad because it’s clear and concise.

Olukai could experiment with their formatting to compliment their style of writing. For this ad in particular, we’d be interested to see a grid layout highlighting each of the areas outlined in the copy.

📐 The right angle

✨ Quick

  • Clever use of the carousel and viewing angle
  • The text pops off the image to grab our attention
  • The ad copy is easy to skim
  • Strategically add emojis or line breaks and test for future iterations

💡 Pro tips:

Olukai is doing a lot with this ad and doing it well. We have an interesting image coupled with bold text to make us stop scrolling and check out this product. Take note of how easy it is to read through.

Strategically placed emojis and the location of the CTA could be refined in future iterations. A better use of line breaks here could also help readability and make this a truly stellar ad.

Notice the repeating line in this ad? We can assume that this is Olukai showing their best performing card (with the most clickthroughs and purchases attributed to it) across multiple ads. Brands on Meta have the option to check “Show the best performing card first” and test multiple creatives to see which works best!

🥋 Wax on, rain off

✨ Quick

  • This makes fabulous use of 3D elements
  • Uses a tasteful mix of lifestyle and product close-up images
  • We are left asking why this product is better than competitors

💡 Pro tips:

This ad seamlessly blends 2D and 3D elements to make a visually appealing combination of lifestyle and product ads.

As consumers, we love to know how things work and why they are better than anything else we can buy. Some long-form explanation of the product’s selling points could immediately improve conversion rates.

🛋 Slippers and chill

✨ Quick

  • The grid shows us the best features of the slipper
  • The ad uses clean and simple copy
  • There is huge virality potential in the product

💡 Pro tips:

This ad is crisp, clean, and simple from the copy and headline to the product images.

We think this product could go viral with how little we see shearling slippers on the market. With a unique product and refined copy, this should be tested in a Reel given the direction Meta ads are headed.

💃 Shake it off

✨ Quick

  • The ad has a punchy statement
  • It needs a strong landing page or stronger copy
  • Consumers can miss the description
  • We recommend testing different headlines and copy

💡 Pro tips:

This ad starts strong with a punchy statement and it’s where crucial details are most visible. Consumers would need more information about this product to elevate it over its competitors.

While some details can be seen in the description, the small text is easy to miss when scrolling through your feed. The visual elements are strong, so additional testing with alternate text would be beneficial.

🚀 Launching in 3…2…

✨ Quick

  • This feels like a product launch ad
  • The ad has a unique style
  • We are missing a true hook
  • Is a light mode ad more effective?

💡 Pro tips:

This is a very cool ad whichever way you look at it. As a product launch it would benefit from hooks like, “Just Dropped” or “It’s Here.”

An interesting comparison would be to test a light version of the same ad to see which performed better. We had recently tested a light mode ad vs. the dark mode and the light mode outperformed the competition.

✨ Conclusion

With such beautiful imagery and unique visual concepts, Olukai has set themselves up to stand out among their competitors. With a few tweaks here and there to their copy and text elements, we could see a truly remarkable marketing campaign take the internet by storm!

That will conclude this week’s brand breakdown but stay in touch with DTC for next week’s edition of Olukai’s brand breakdown.

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