Are you using Pinterest to expand your top of funnel?

Now is not the time to sleep on Pinterest. Twitter user Peter Czepiga has personally seen success scaling mens and womens brands on the channel to mid-5-figures per month revenue.

Here are Peters personal pointers on winning with Pinterest ads:

🎯 Targeting

Did you know that like Facebook, Pinterest has lookalike audiences? Google Search data can be used for keyword targeting on the platform as well.

Try these 2 audiences in which Peter has seen repeat success:

  • A 1% lookalike audience of high-value customers
  • Your top non-branded Google search keywords

🖼 Creative

Unlike many social platforms that are currently seeing success with video, Pinterest still favors static images.

Why? Most users on Pinterest scroll on their mobile app (with no sound).

Your typical video ads are not the best bet for Pinterest, so use rich imagery with clear CTAs.

Your posts on Pinterest don’t have to use a fixed aspect ratio. But Peter suggests that longer is better (9:16 to be specific!).

🤝 Attribution

A longer attribution window is the way to go on Pinterest. Paid and organic see more similarities than other channels due to the nature of the platform.

Users pinning and sharing posts present the opportunity for paid posts to scale and spike organically.

🤯 Funnel

Having a strong organic presence may just be your key to success on the app. Make sure it’s well developed before turning to paid.

Users are more likely to click-through to your profile, so show them your best-sellers and value props through organic efforts.

💸 Account structure

If you haven't already, try testing out Pinterest’s feature for shopping ads for both prospecting and retargeting.

It’s important to note that 3-4 ads in an ad group are the max you should be testing on Pinterest to get the best stability. Making individual ad groups is the way to go.

Want to check out the great thread from Peter? Click here. 🧵

Is Pinterest in your current social strategy? If not, it may be time to get testing!

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