Are You Showing The Right Scenes In Your Creatives?

TikTok is a beast like no other. It seems like the most random videos can take off and hit the For You Page of viewers.

The most successful TikTok team we know just dropped a few quick tips about length and scenes of your TikTok creatives. Steal these guidelines for your own brand:

👀 Length matters

The length of your TikTok videos can hugely impact the success of your video. The suggested length for top of funnel is 21-34 seconds!

If you’re retargeting users, longer videos could be your key to success. Try videos up to 1 minute in length!

🖼 Change up the scenery

Watching a video of someone just talking to their screen is boring, and the data proves it!

Advertisers found that 99% of creative winners on the app had multiple scenes. Not only do individual accounts see success with this, but TikTok themselves also has reported a 38% lift in conversion using multiple scenes.

Having multiple scenes within your creative means upping your chances of landing a viral video.

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