Are you looking to increase revenue and break through scaling plateaus on Amazon?

Are you looking to increase revenue and breakthrough scaling plateaus on Amazon?

Demand-side platform (DSP) is the way to go.

DSP is CPM-based, meaning it’s easier to quickly ramp up spending when compared to sponsored product ads that are capped on the keyword volume and your relevancy for that keyword.

When should you launch DSP ? 🧐

As a very rough rule of thumb, once you’re over 75k/month in revenue you should be considering it.  

At this revenue level, you will typically have a large enough retargeting audience that will justify a 3k-5k spend/month.

The Pilothouse Amazon Team recommends brands starting with the following:

  • Retargeting audiences. This is the lowest hanging fruit to start generating revenue and prove out DSP for your brand ✅  
  • Competitor retargeting. People who have viewed but not bought your competitors' products ✅
  • In-market audiences. People Amazon has identified to be shopping for similar products ✅
  • Cold prospecting audiences ✅

🚨 The Pilothouse Amazon Team recommends against using Amazon Managed DSP due to the lack of control and higher budget requirements.

Using a partner that has access to self-managed DSP gives you direct control over the budgets, audiences, campaign structures, and more flexibility to scale up or down based on performance.  

Looking for a partner to help build out your DSP? Reply to this email and let us know!

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