Answering this One Question Could Send Your Sales Through the Roof

Frictionless Copy 

Answering this one question could send your sales through the roof.


Why do my best prospects need this product or service? 

Why would they want it? 

How would they see what it can do for them, ultimately providing more value than the money you’re asking for in exchange?

  • Have your prospects made it clear they’re actively seeking a solution to a problem?
  • Have they told you how this problem is affecting their life?
  • Have they shown that they’re willing to spend money on a solution, perhaps having already purchased products to try solving it?

Apple didn’t ask how can we build a better MP3 player. They asked: what is it people really want from this?

The answer? Music. Any kind of music they desire, at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

So rather than focusing on building a better MP3 player, they went to the record companies and secured the rights to make almost every song anyone could imagine available through iTunes. 

They knew that the player was just a device. What people really wanted was the access to music. And the iPod was born.

Every innovation Apple has made since its inception was based on why, not what. And that’s worked out pretty well for them, I’d say.

So, start with why and dive in deep.

The best copywriters on earth aren’t successful because they’re the most creative or colorful writers. They’re simply the best detectives. 

They dig and dig through research to learn exactly what their prospects want and most importantly…

Why they want it.

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