Anatomy of a Successful YouTube Video

YouTube has billions of annual users and 70% purchase from a brand after seeing it on YouTube 🤯

So… how do you capture this audience?

Ryan McKenzie is the co-founder of eco-friendly DTC laundry detergent brand Tru Earth.

Here’s his high-performance YouTube ad formula:

Pattern Interrupt → Grab your viewer’s attention right away to stop them from clicking the skip button. Get them interested in what you’re about to say.

You only have 5 seconds before viewers can skip your ad, so make the most of it!

The Problem → Discuss the problem your product solves and inspire your viewer to seek a solution.

The Solution → Introduce your product as the solution to the previously mentioned problem.

The Call to Action → You need to directly and clearly ask your customer to purchase AND tell them where to click.

The CTA is probably the most overlooked component of a YouTube video! Tell the viewer what you want them to do!

For example:

Build Brand Awareness → Put your brand into the video early, and keep it there. This will build brand awareness, even if people click away after 5 seconds (or more).

Objections & Credibility → Bust objections by resolving common concerns establishing your brand’s credibility and authority.

Call to Action Round 2 → Again for the people in the back! Tell your viewer what to do. Ask for the purchase and show ‘em where to click.

The Outro →  Make sure to leave the CTA on the screen during your outro to give your customer time to click.

Tip: Try bloopers from filming as your outro.

Test out Ryan’s strategy on your YouTube video creative and let us know the results!

Thanks to the Pilothouse team for the amazing YouTube insights! 🚀

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