Amazon Sponsored Ads and Brand Store

Amazon Sponsored Ads and Brand Store

The Pilothouse Amazon team shared one of the biggest mistakes brands make when building landing pages and running ads. 

The Problem: Most sponsored brand ads on Amazon use extremely generic headlines like “Check out our great X” or “Save money on a new X.” Users click on the ad (hopefully) and it leads to an even more generic Amazon store page. 

Most sellers on Amazon create sponsored brand ads and store pages that aren’t specific enough. It not only doesn’t convert well but makes for a horrible customer experience. 

Example: Let’s say your company sells vitamins. 

Most sellers would develop a boring and general headline like “Best vitamins for staying healthy” or “Most complete multivitamins.” 

Don’t do that! 👎

Get specific. 

Utilize data from your Facebook ads to determine a distinct angle. This could mean targeting certain types of customers or focusing on key value propositions. 

Once that’s determined, bid on specific keywords that align with that angle and create a headline. 

For example, Smarty Pants vitamins targets pregnant women with the headline “Premium Vitamins from Bump to Birth.”

The final step is creating a page that links to your ads. 

Think of this as a landing page similar to the one you’d create for a Facebook campaign. 

For this example, SmartyPants vitamins have built a landing page that focuses solely on why pregnant women should buy their products.  

The copy, pictures, and value props are all targeted to this specific audience.  

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