Ads Manager Anxiety?! Kondo-ify Your Account with Dynamic Naming Templates

Save yourself from a naming nightmarescape and get organized! 

The best advertiser is an organized one who can easily and efficiently find any campaign, ad set or ad. 

The secret? Naming conventions. 

Facebook is here to help with new dynamic naming template changes to ads manager. Once you save a name template you can apply it when you create a new campaign, ad set or ad.

You can use the name templates to:

  • Create a standardized naming convention for your campaigns, ad sets and as. 
  • Ensure changes you make to your campaigns, ad sets or ads are reflected in their names without manually updating them
  • Create an abbreviated summary of your campaign, ad set or ad settings, which is easy to see from the reporting table 
  • Avoid errors when naming your campaigns, ad sets or ads

You can read more on the update here.

This is a great opportunity to do an organizational overhaul. If you need a little inspo, Stu generously laid out his naming framework: 



Ex. TOFU_Leads_LeadGen_Aug20_ContentGiveaway

(Take out targeting method, put in ad set)

Ad Sets: 


Ex. ShortformAds_1%LALs_Canada_Aug20_Scarcity/Angle_Leads

(Include creative type… will help to categorize and find creative then breakdown whether that style works on not) 


Ex. UGCVideos_ScarcityAngleSF_Aug20

window.lintrk('track', { conversion_id: 10616324 });