6 Ways To Get Ahead And Make It Your Best Black Friday Yet

6 Ways To Get Ahead And Make It Your Best Black Friday Yet

Black Friday is just around the corner. Our goal is to help you make it your best one yet. Here are 6 things you can do this week to get in front of it nice and early 👌

Start Planning Now → Gather your team and brainstorm Black Friday / Cyber Monday angles, creatives, promos, product focuses, email and campaign structures. Aim to have everything ironed out by early-September so that you can begin testing by mid-September.

Engagement is the name of the game → Focus on building engagement and intrigue early so that you improve overall performance when it’s Black Friday gametime. Use this time to encourage more comments and opt-ins than conversions.

Take A Hit In October. Go Big In November → As you’re hellbent on building your audiences in October, you may experience a bit of a hit in conversions. Rest assured, it’ll pay off when you flip the ‘conversion switch’ on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday WEEK).

Look At What’s Worked In The Past → Go back and look at what ad copy / creatives worked from previous Black Friday campaigns. Duplicate the ones that worked and then pepper in some new angles.

Pilothouse media buyer Alex Sandoval says, “What I’ve seen work during BF holidays are simple static images / bright colored-GIFs with the discount in big bold fonts. Customers are looking for BF/CM deals not pretty content.”

Build Your Influencer “Army” → Start collaborating with influencers now. If you need to find new influencers, we recommend Insense.

Media buyer Nate Vankoughnet says, “Start talking to your web of influencers now, scheduling posts, getting whitelist/dark post permissions set up in advance.”

Make Inventory Plans Now → If you’re using a third-party fulfillment service (Amazon, for example), make sure they have inventory ASAP. With the possibility of Black Friday craziness aligning with a second wave of the pandemic, it’s more important this year than ever.

Final Note, Plan Accordingly:

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