5 Things to Have Above the Fold/At the Top of Your Landing Page

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5 Things to Have Above the Fold/At the Top of Your Landing Page

Before we get ahead of ourselves, you should know the term “above the fold” has become a bit of a misnomer.

See, back in the day, “above the fold” was the top half of the newspaper where the main story was placed. When things moved online, it referred to the content that was displayed without requiring a user to scroll.

Today, the size of the “fold” varies widely across all our devices, making it hard to distinguish.

Recent data shows that most users will scroll upon arriving on a page, regardless of what’s “above the fold” (and sometimes even before the page fully loads).

Many people still use the term, but it’s not always a literal phrase. More often than not it refers to the top third of the real estate on a lander. 

This is actually good news for marketers: You don’t have to squeeze everything into a tiny header at the top of your page!

(Shhhh… Hear that? That’s a big sigh of relief from all the UX designers. 🥳)

What’s most important today is making sure the first part of your LP accomplishes the following

  • Provides relevant information that aligns with the message the customer expects to see (“message match”).
  • Follows a logical, sequential structure that flawlessly leads your reader where you want them to go (down the page).

Five things to have above the fold/towards the top of your landing page!👇 

1️⃣ Clear, Attention-Grabbing Headline:

Typically, the very first thing you’ll want at the top of your landing page is a headline that not only grabs your reader’s attention but also clearly describes your offer.

“Message match” is critical here. 

Does your headline line up with the previous message the user saw, whether it was an ad, social post, or email?

Be crystal clear with your message. 

This headline by Codecademy Pro is the definition of clarity. Who doesn’t want to learn something hard the easiest way possible? 🙋‍♂️

2️⃣ Short, Explanatory Subheadline:

Next, your landing page should have a short subheadline that adds more color to your offer.

It should explain your headline, introduce your product/offer, and entice people to read more – in three sentences or less. 

Short and sweet is the key here. 👌

OLIPOP’s subhead is a perfect example of saying so much in so few words. 

A soda with only 2-5 grams of sugar… and did they say fiber?! What is this sorcery? (*keeps scrolling*)

3️⃣ Intriguing Visual:

The next element of a great landing page is an intriguing visual that shows your product in action (if possible).

Your visual element can be a photo, video, or GIF, depending on what highlights your product/offer the best. 

InVision makes great use of professional, polished GIFs throughout their landing page. 

These help to visually explain the features and capabilities of their app, which also allows them to use less copy on their page.

Hoomband absolutely nails the use of photo AND video. 

Not only do they have a clear photo of their product in use, they also managed to squeeze in a video thumbnail above the fold (in the literal sense). 

The video further explains how the headband works – and it’s done by a real user


4️⃣ Strong Social Proof:

Shoppers love social proof. 💚

Whether it’s testimonials, 5-star reviews, or FOMO tactics, social proof adds credibility to what you’re selling, which is critical on a landing page.

Here are a few different ways you can incorporate social proof into your LP. 👇 

Highlight celebrity endorsements (or just regular user testimonials), like Athletic Greens.

If you’ve got PR like OLIPOP, flaunt it.

Utilize the “wisdom of the crowds” tactic like we do in the DTC Twitter bio, by displaying well-known companies who subscribe as well as the amount of subscribers.

5️⃣ Direct, Actionable CTA:

And finally, make sure you’re telling your customer what to do next with a call-to-action, ideally as high up on your page as your design allows.

Your CTA will vary depending on what your product or offer is. But most importantly, it should be clear and actionable.

Above and beyond the usual “Shop Now” or “Learn More” CTAs, consider taking the opportunity to highlight your brand voice, overcome objections, or highlight value. 

Some examples include:

  • “Start Free! No CC Required.”
  • “Shop Now with Free Shipping.”
  • “Sleep Better Tonight.”

In summary, while you don’t have to fit all five of these features above-the-literal-fold… 

The top third of your landing page should, at the very least: grab attention, build trust, show proof, and invite action. 🎤

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