5 Hot Styling Tips For Your Next DTC Product Photoshoot

If you’ve run the creative juices dry or are just looking for some fresh new ways to spice up your product pictures, you’re in the right place.

We chatted with some studio masters and pulled their five best tips you need to be implementing in your next session.

Steal these secrets and let us know how it goes! 👇

1️⃣ Integrate patterns and repetition

Patterns in photography are used to introduce:

  • Eye-catching repetition
  • Strong composition
  • A well-defined theme
  • Colors that bring life to an image

Patterns are found where strong geometric shapes repeat themselves. They do not always need to be precise — they can be loose and organic to create a more relaxed aesthetic.

Source: Pilothouse Studios

Looking for some inspo? Check out Essie and Bombas for more examples of patterns in product photography.

2️⃣ Leverage monochromatic color schemes

Monochromatic colors refer to all colors from a specific hue. Monochromatic color schemes are created by taking a single base hue and using its shades, tones, and tints to build a color palette. ColourPop knows all about this! 👀

Designing an image where all components are different shades of the same color makes it easier to make background elements less distracting. Less distractions = more focus on your products!

Source: Pilothouse Studios

3️⃣ Use hard lighting to create intentional shadow

Hard light is a focused, bright light that casts a harsh shadow on a subject. Use hard lighting to draw attention to a specific part of the photo and create a dramatic mood.

How do we do it? The use of high-powered strobe lights.

Source: Pilothouse Studios

Other interesting examples: Bite and Greats both use hard lighting in their website product photography.

4️⃣ Create visual interest through movement

Capturing motion completely changes the look and feel of photos. Motion or movement in stills creates visual interest that’s hard to ignore.

Use movement to direct a viewer's eye strategically through an image.

Source: Pilothouse Studios

For more examples, check out how Outdoor Voices and Allbirds use movement in their website photography.

5️⃣ Take advantage of your DTC perks

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We know we’re not all geniuses with a camera… 🤷‍♂️ but that doesn’t mean your product pictures have to suffer!

Use the above tips to fuel your stills or send us your best suggestion for product photography!

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