4 Ways To Capture Attention Using These Facebook ‘Ad Openers’

4 Ways To Capture Attention Using These Facebook ‘Ad Openers’

Ever heard of the AIDA formula? It’s a vital copywriting framework that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

While each part is important, if you don’t get their attention, the rest don’t really matter, do they?

And in DTC #13, we shared the ‘Even if" ad opener and readers responded saying that they applied it and saw immediate results -- both in Facebook ads AND email open rates.

So in this section we’re giving you more ideas for how to open your Facebook ad copy.


Gary Halbert Openers

The Boron Letters is a collection of letters that Gary Halbert wrote to his son about life and business while he was in prison. 

It’s also a masterclass on writing unstoppable copy.

(BTW you can either pick up a copy to make notes in, or find all of his material for free here and print it)


What do you notice about how Gary opens many of his letters to his son?

  • "Guess what?!"
  • "You know what?"
  • Well I never thought I’d say this, but...
  • "Well, here I sit for the second day in a row…"
  • "Today I crossed some sort of invisible mental line."
  • "O.K. buddy, here we go again."
  • "Tonight I am going to be writing about something I didn’t think I was going to be writing about."

It’s kind of like you were already having a conversation with him and he’s just getting right back into it. 

Try opening your ads that way.


The Believable Promise

"In the next 2 minutes, you’re going to learn…"

It’s hard to pass on a free gift of knowledge that comes in a specific (and short) time period.


Call Out The Awkwardness 

"Sorry for showing up in your feed like this, but…"

This one comes straight from Harry Dry who recommends using this tactic to open cold emails. And if you think about it, ads to cold traffic aren’t much different.


Twist The Knife

"Why is it that we live in the most ‘connected’ time in history, yet have fewer true connections than ever before?"

Every industry has a big pain that’s burning just beneath the surface. If you can tap into that pain, and open your ad copy with it, well, that’s what we call a hook 🎣

Now it’s your turn: what tips do you have for Facebook ad openers? Hit ‘reply’ and let us know. We’d love to feature them in a future edition of DTC.

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