Wildstorming the Beauty Space -- Glamnetic's Head of Growth Margaret Fortner Returns!

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Today we’re magnetically drawn to past guest Margaret Fortner, head of growth at Glamnetic.

You might remember Margaret from our previous Hydrant episode where we laid out her best insights for building a small but mighty growth team in the CPG world.

When Glamnetic recruited Margaret she was naturally attracted to the beauty space, the unique product that offered juicy margins and a highly motivated customer base.

Glamnetic revolutionized the beauty game and has made quite a splash in the $1.8B False lash market by adding a magnetic eyeliner that allows for superior function, and durability.

In this podcast Margaret describes exactly what she’s focused on in her first year as head of growth for Glamnetic including:

▪︎ Formalizing the creative testing process by using smart naming conventions

▪︎ CPG vs Beautry and why gross margins are everything

▪︎ Launching retail and Amazon

▪︎ Refining Glamnetic’s Influencer Platform

▪︎ Testing successfully into TV and Podcast Ads

▪︎ Glamnetic’s Best Bundling strategies and the mechanics of a mystery offer

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