Back by popular demand, this week on the pod we chatted with previous guest Margaret Fortner, now the Head of Growth at Glamnetic.

Glamnetic has revolutionized the beauty game and transformed the $1B false eyelash market with a magnetic eyeliner that allows for superior lash function and durability.

Maybe it’s Maybelline, maybe it’s... magnets?! 🧲

Here are (just a few) takeaways from this glam-packed pod.

‍The Takeaways: 👇

🤯 Wait, how many SKUs?...

Glamnetic carries over 70 lash varieties, ranging from different sizes, shapes, colors, and lengths!

This level of variety is something most brands can only dream of, and keeps existing customers coming back time and again.

Where do they get the inspiration for all this iteration?

For one, they’re constantly communicating with customers, whether it’s in their Facebook Group “Glam Fam” or via surveys. This allows them to continue creating new products to better serve their customers needs and wants.

They also keep a pulse on the beauty industry in other countries so they can capitalize on trends and continue to be a first-mover in the space. 🚀

🎨 How to succeed with podcast ads:

Margaret let us in on her philosophy for investing in podcast ads (which can sometimes feel like a never-ending moneysuck when starting out).

She recommends taking one “big swing” per batch of podcast ads – where you’re willing to spend more on one podcast that has a large audience.

However, most of what you’re investing should be a few different smaller podcasts where you have a better chance to capitalize.

If the big player doesn’t pan out, you’ll still have the others to fall back on. But if it does… 💸

🎨 The most common A/B testing mistake:

Not acting upon your results! 

“The most important – and hardest part – is making sure you’re tracking all [the different] tests appropriately, discussing why they worked and why they didn’t, and actioning on them.”

If you’re running a lot of A/B tests across different platforms, it helps to have a company-wide communication structure in place to continue to discuss results and implement changes.

Otherwise, things can easily fall through the cracks.

“We make sure to track super closely what worked, and have a conversation about why we think it worked and how we can iterate that moving forward to make sure we’re pressure testing that variable that we think has been impactful.”

Seriously, this pod goes way more than just skin-deep…

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