On this week's episode were joined by Matt Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of Fussy, a UK-based brand creating the next generation of deodorant.

Fussy has seen incredible growth in just less than a year, thanks to an effective product, sleek design, smart PR hits, and well-capitalized TV appearances.

“We're making living sustainably part of your morning routine, starting with a refillable natural deodorant that ACTUALLY works. Backed by science, not buzzwords.”

Grab some deo for your B.O. and be sure to tune into this one!

‍The Takeaways: 👇

🎨 It pays to give a “fuss” about design:

Take one look at Fussy’s sleek packaging, and you’ll quickly understand these guys are no amateurs when it comes to design.

In fact, the founders set out early to become the “Apple of deodorants” 🍎

“We’ve chosen to invest heavily into design because one of the problems with sustainable products we identified is they’re not always that sexy… We’re less ‘hippy,’ more ‘hip.’”

The fuss over design has paid off. 

Fussy has been highlighted in a number of magazines and has even won design awards – creating organic PR opportunities that have fueled their fast growth.

Let’s face it, sometimes it pays to be pretty. 😍

📺 How Fussy cut their CAC in half with TV:

If you think daytime TV is dead, think again. ✋

“[In terms of growth channels] for us, without a doubt so far it’s been organic TV.”

Fussy was highlighted on a daytime television show, and within one hour, they crushed two weeks’ worth of sales. 🤯

But the rev didn’t stop there… 

They then took clips of the segment and used them as ads, which allowed them to cut their blended CAC in half, essentially overnight.

Legal? Who knows. Genius? We’d say so.

🚌 All aboard the supply chain #strugglebus:

When asked what he wished he’d known about supply chains earlier, Matt basically told us:

Growth ≠ Marketing.

Growth = Marketing + Operations. 

Thanks to a near-fiasco to do with coconut oil, Fussy learned this lesson the hard way.

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