Learn how Fussy Deodorant Lowers Blended CaC with Cofounder Matt Kennedy

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Today we get totally pitted with Fussy deodorant co-founder and CEO Matt Kennedy.

Fussy (getfussy.com) is on a mission to banish single-use plastic from your bathroom. With simple, high-quality and effective personal care products that are backed by science and offered as a subscription to really drive that LTV!

Founded in 2020 and launched just this year, Fussy has seen incredible growth from a combination of PR hits and TV appearances that have fuelled both their organic and paid efforts.

In this episode we cover why being fussy about personal care products is a good thing -- Why PR has been Fussy’s biggest lever for lowering blended CaC -- How they leveraged a Spat with Unilever for short and long term success -- as well as Supply chain learnings Matt wished he learned a long time ago…

Give yourself a quick pit sniff, and delve into deodorant.

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