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🎧 Today on the DTC pod, Sean McGinnis, president and integrator at Kuru Footwear, returns with new marketing insights and updated eCom strategies.

Kuru Footwear is fighting foot pain in style. They’ve come up with an innovative way of solving the problem of foot pain with the mission of helping its sufferers regain confidence and live their lives without limitations.

‍The takeaways 👇

⬆️ Climbing the paid funnel

Since we last spoke to Sean, he and his team have been exploring their paid social strategy even further. With an already problem-aware audience, they were asking themselves the question: How do we move up the funnel and into a demand-generation mode?

The answer? A multi-touch attribution model.

This type of model is designed to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and channels, ensuring trustworthy third-party data that, among other things, can inform the real contribution of paid social for a DTC company like Kuru.

This model can help marketers understand which paid touchpoints are most effective in driving conversions, what channels they should invest in, and when/how much they should invest in them.

“Once we got Rockerbox up and running, and they built the models for our business, we [saw] that there was a runway ahead of us where we knew we could hit the gas. So that was the data and information that we needed to make those bigger decisions and bigger investments.”

🙌 Simplifying strategies

These days, there is no “one size fits all” eCom strategy for DTC companies. Every brand will take its own approach to what works best for its eCom business. For Sean, he felt that Kuru could use some simplification.

“eCommerce just doesn’t have to be hard. Build a great brand, build a great product, take care of customers, remove friction, [and] make it easy to do business with you. All these custom software and custom applications are just making it harder on yourself… We want to spend our time building great experiences for customers.”

A classic case of working smarter, not harder!

💰 What Sean would do with an extra $50K:

Sean is staying steady on his path to greener (paid social) pastures.

“I think we would just pour more fuel into the fire and get more creative done… As much as we are aggressively pursuing paid social, we’re still at the very forefront and still want to accelerate those learnings at this point.”

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