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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast! Today, we have Kris, the innovative founder of Paka Apparel, joining us. Paka is making a significant impact in the outdoor apparel market with its unique use of alpaca fiber. In this episode, Kris shares the journey from digital growth to opening a flagship store in Cusco, Peru.

Key Insights:

Omnichannel Strategy: Integrating physical retail with a strong digital foundation.

Customer Connection: Enhancing brand authenticity through a tangible retail experience.

Sustainability: The importance of ethical sourcing and supporting local communities.

Why Listen?

Learn how to effectively integrate physical and digital retail strategies.

Understand the value of creating a deep connection with customers through authentic experiences.

Gain insights into sustainable business practices and ethical sourcing.

Tune in to discover how Kris is turning Paka into a brand that not only thrives in the digital world but also creates lasting impressions in the physical realm.


00:00 - Introduction and Finding Your Calling

02:30 - The Importance of Persistence in Entrepreneurship

05:00 - Leveraging Influencer Marketing with Ral

07:30 - Building Paka Cafe: Challenges and Successes

10:00 - The Impact of Physical Retail in a Digital Age

12:30 - Overcoming Bureaucracy: Opening a Store in Peru

15:00 - The Origin Story of Paka Apparel

17:30 - Partnering with Legendary Weavers in Peru

20:00 - The Science Behind Natural Fibers

23:00 - Future Vision for Paka: Expansion and Innovation

26:00 - Hiring a General Manager: Trust and Growth

29:00 - Balancing Work and Personal Life as an Entrepreneur

32:00 - Advice for Aspiring DTC Founders

35:00 - The Importance of Sustainability in Fashion

38:00 - Engaging with the Paka Community

41:00 - Long-Term Goals and Vision for Paka


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