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Today we're jamming with Kari from Pilothouse Google team, breaking down the full funnel she's built on YouTube ads for DTC Podcast alum, Anyday Cookware. You'll learn what kind of content works best at every stage of your funnel, as well as how to measure the true top of funnel effect your YouTube Ads have.

You'll hear:

Going All In On YouTube: Why Anyday now spends more on YouTube than Search.

Organic foundation, campaign and audience structure

Contiguous funnel that retargets viewers and clickers.

Examples of what messages work at top, bottom, and middle of funnel

Measuring it and post purchase survey extrapolation.


00:00 - Introduction and Incrementality in YouTube Ads

02:00 - Importance of Post-Purchase Surveys

04:30 - Building Credibility with Real People and Influencers

07:00 - Utilizing Organic and Paid Content on YouTube

09:30 - Creating Effective Top of Funnel Content

12:00 - Transitioning from Top of Funnel to Middle of Funnel

14:30 - Measuring Engagement and Conversion Rates

17:00 - Linking Products and Monetization Strategies

20:00 - Tailoring Content for Different Stages of the Funnel

22:30 - Final Tips and Insights for YouTube Success


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