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Join Eric, Rob and Clifford from Pilothouse Amazon to discuss Amazon Prime Day and Amazon's Q2 earnings call. They provide insights and strategies for sellers to prepare for Prime Day, including optimizing listings, driving sales volume, and leveraging influencers and affiliates. They also analyze the Q2 earnings call, highlighting Amazon's focus on profitability and the impact on third-party sellers. The conversation concludes with a brief discussion on investing in Amazon stock.

Keywords: Amazon Prime Day, Q2 earnings call, sellers, optimization, sales volume, influencers, affiliates, profitability, third-party sellers, investing

Sellers should optimize their listings and drive sales volume in preparation for Amazon Prime Day.
Leveraging influencers, affiliates, and PR can help increase visibility and sales during Prime Day.
Define success metrics and goals before Prime Day to ensure a profitable outcome.
Amazon's Q2 earnings call highlights their focus on profitability and the impact on third-party sellers.
Amazon's logistical prowess gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Investing in Amazon stock has been a profitable venture.

00:00 - Introduction to Amazon Prime Day Strategies
02:00 - Leveraging High-Intent Traffic and Setting Profit Targets
07:10 - Utilizing Micro-Influencers and Creator Connections for Brand Promotion
12:40 - Analyzing Health of Businesses on Amazon and Key Performance Metrics
16:10 - Discussion on Amazon Q1 Earnings Call and Its Implications for Sellers
21:30 - Closing Remarks and Additional Resources

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