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Today we catch up with Taylor and Jacob from Pilothouse's Meta Ads team to talk Q1 performance and and how we're mitigating platform and algorithm insecurity.

Work with Pilothouse:

Performance Update + shifting factors with Meta AI

The shift to Meta Shops, the pros and cons

Ad inventory factors: Temu, US Election, Summer Olympics

TikTok Ban approved...what's next?


[00:00] Introduction to Meta Shops and Ad Performance Trends

[02:20] Impact of Meta's Algorithm Changes on Traffic and Sales

[04:50] Strategies for Managing Unstable Ad Platforms and Maximizing ROI

[07:00] Discussion on the Effectiveness of Meta AI and Shop Features

[09:30] Insights on Preparing for Q4 and Utilizing Advantage Plus Campaigns

[12:00] The Future of TikTok and Its Impact on Meta Traffic







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