EP 336: Q4 Offer Testing Eleganza Extravaganza | AKNF

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Battle test your Q4 readiness (if you haven’t already)  with Pilothouse’s proven approach. With just over two months to BFCM, now is the time to dial on your promotional strategy.


  • Pilothouse's Success: Over $5M revenue on Meta during a BFCM weekend with 10,000+ unique content pieces. 🚀
  • The Need to Test: Ensure top sales by understanding your customer behaviors and avoiding subpar offers.
  • Aligning Promos with Goals: How do your current objectives shape your offers? Explore strategies for different business goals.
  • Economic Impact: Adapting to our Recession Era and tailoring your Q4 promotional approach.
  • Avoiding Promo Pitfalls: Stay clear of common traps like heavy exclusions and over-complicated deals.
  • Promos That Shine: Dive into timeless promo structures and their effectiveness.
  • Timing Is Key: When to test and refine your offers for optimal results.

Tune in now and gear up for a successful Q4! 🎙️💡🛍️

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