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It's All Killer No Filler and today we're doing a Prime Day retrospective filled with 8x revenue results and high 6 figure days for some of our top clients.

You'll hear all the gory details that really boil down to being ready with your offers and having your engine fully...primed when it comes to your bids and your budgets.

Whatever Clifford and Takai are doing it's certainly working.


00:00:00 - Introduction

00:05:45 - Planning and strategizing for Prime Day deals and discounts

00:11:00 - Leveraging Amazon ads: Budget updates and bid increases

00:15:20 - Expanding audience reach with broader keyword matching

00:19:00 - The importance of sufficient inventory and staying stocked for Prime Day success

Hashtags: #AmazonPrimeDay2023 #PrimeDayRecap #DTCPodcast #EcommerceInsights #InventoryManagement

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