Ep 309: Maximizing Amazon Advertising Performance: Budgets vs. Bids | DTC Podcast | AKNF

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It's All Killer No Filler and today we're diving deep on Amazon Ads Budgets.

Join Clifford and Rob from the Amazon team as we discuss why:

Bids are the actual tool to control your ACOS

Moving a bid up or down is the lever to control whom your ads are being shown to - AND which placements they’ll land in!

Budgets are just a stop gap for spend - they leave money on the table

When campaigns are budget capped, you don’t necessarily stop spending on those keywords

By having the correct bid your campaigns can naturally adjust to demand (spending more or less depending on the day)

0:03:00 - Why bids should control Amazon ad spend

0:08:00 - The impact of ads on organic sales

0:14:00 - Managing campaigns through segmentation

0:18:30 - The role of budgets as risk prevention tools

0:21:30 - Strategies for Prime Day and budget allocation

#AmazonAdvertising #BudgetsVsBids #PrimeDayStrategies #OrganicSales #CampaignOptimization

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