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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast! Today, we’re thrilled to have Mike Manheimer from Postscript with us.

Mike brings years of expertise in the SaaS game, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities in SMS marketing within ecommerce. Today, we’ll explore why SMS might be your most powerful marketing tool yet, and why it's essential to understand its intricacies. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why many businesses underutilize SMS and how to find your messaging sweet spot

How to capture more emails with onsite opt-in

How to convert more sales in your funnel support with live sales agents

Strategies to increase customer engagement through personalized communication

Insights into Postscript’s innovative approaches to SMS marketing

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00:00 - Introduction to Mike Manheimer and SMS marketing

02:00 - How brands are underutilizing SMS

04:00 - Integrating conversational SMS for sales growth

06:00 - The impact of personalized SMS on customer loyalty

08:00 - Innovations in SMS technology and practices

10:00 - Future of SMS marketing in e-commerce


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