Presell Page Challenge

Learn how to optimize your conversions with landing page development strategies applied to different industries, audiences and products. Learn with top professionals and analysis of real products and pages.

Around 4 hours of video lectures

Practice and Mentoring

You can choose to work on your own or have a Pilothouse mentor to guide you through your practical assignments to create a portfolio that will land you a new job or boost your own business.

Straight-forward content

This mini course was designed to deliver the best value with strategies and practices that can help businesses of any sizes and professionals from different levels.

Scale School: We didn’t follow the playbook of a guru – we wrote our own.

Scale School is the distilled knowledge and wisdom of over 120 Facebook and Instagram advertising experts – not one guru who makes their money selling courses… Our own posse of badass marketers spend their days slugging it out in the trenches… tirelessly testing, iterating, scaling and learning from each win or loss.A dedicated team with the insider knowledge, drive, and passion it takes to generate record-breaking profits…

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Who’s this course for

Beginners in Advertising

Get started with the basics of Amazon listings and advertising, learn the best practices from top professionals and create your first listings and campaigns. Grow your client’s or own marketing strategies with Pilothouse’s proven method applied from scratch.

Digital Marketing Professionals

Increase your growth abilities by combining your existing marketing skills with Pilothouse’s Amazon listing and advertising strategies.

Business Owners and Freelancers

Boost your clients’ business or your own with straightforward growth strategies that will allow you to start from the beginning and go all the way to planning and executing your listings and ads strategy with your own creative designs.

Learning Outcomes

Presell page development

Understand why you should have a presell landing page for your products and how to create them appropriately for different audiences and funnel stages

Landing page optimization

Learn how to optimize your landing page loading time and experience for different devices, audiences and products


Work with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to better rank your pages in different platforms and improve the reading experience

Data analytics tools

How to measure user metrics and navigation experience

Psychological strategies

Master the writing and user experience strategies to promote more conversion and engagement

Competitive research

Research the competition to learn what's working and what you should improve

Course Program


All you need to know about Presell pages

  • Reasons you should create them the right way
  • Different types of pages
  • Reducing friction to increase conversion rates


Research and Copywriting

  • Research strategies
  • Copywriting strategies
  • Authority and social proof


Page development and optimization

  • Maximizing KPIs
  • Creating Calls to action
  • Benchmarking and case studies

These strategies have tens of millions of dollars in ad spend backing them up… Strategies we’ve perfected over many years.

Self-Paced Tutor-guided Feature
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Practical assignments
Technical Support
Tasks reviewed by a Pilothouse Tutor
Academic support
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