💡 Has AI Triggered a "Generational Cull" of Software Vendors? Wunderkind’s Richard Jones on the Outcome-Based Future of SaaS

In the latest episode of the DTC Podcast, we sat down with Richard Jones, the Chief Revenue Officer at Wunderkind. 

This episode is packed with insights that ecommerce brands can't afford to miss, especially those aiming to leverage AI to maximize revenue and streamline operations.

You’ll hear about:

  • AI's Role in SaaS Evolution: How AI will transition SaaS from human-centered workflows to outcome-based services
  • Wunderkind's Unique Model: Learn about Wunderkind's managed service approach and outcome-focused business model
  • The Future of Ecommerce Marketing: How AI-driven campaigns and identity networks can significantly boost ecommerce revenue

On with the show. 👇

🔥 A Generational Cull of SaaS Vendors

Richard predicts that we are entering a generational shift driven by AI. Kinda similar to the transition from on-premise software to SaaS. 

He draws parallels to the past when SaaS vendors like Salesforce replaced traditional on-premise software providers. 

Now, AI is poised to disrupt the current SaaS model, moving towards outcome-based solutions rather than subscription-based services.

🤖 AI Beyond Co-Pilots

Many SaaS vendors are currently integrating AI as co-pilots.  

However, Richard argues that true disruption will come from AI systems that eliminate the need for human involvement in workflows, focusing on delivering outcomes directly. 

Wunderkind is redefining the landscape of ecommerce through its AI-powered performance marketing solutions. 

The platform helps brands recognize customers across different devices and emails. Why? So you can be certain you don't miss out on potential high-intent engagements. ✅

With Wunderkind, even if a customer uses a different email or device, the brand can still deliver targeted messages and capture opt-ins effectively. 

This ability to accurately use AI to identify and engage customers helps alleviate one of marketers’ biggest fears: leaving revenue on the table

AI plays a massive role in Wunderkind’s outcome-focused model, and we can only predict that many, many SaaS brands will be following suit…

He states that, "If you're putting a human at the center of the workflow, you're essentially slowing down the execution process. The promise of AI is that you can have an intelligence and a compute function, which is way, way superior to that of a human." 

🔮 The Future of AI in SaaS

Richard envisions a future where AI-driven platforms dominate, rendering many traditional SaaS applications obsolete. 

He predicts that customer data platforms (CDPs) and other similar systems will be among the first to go, as AI can directly interact with raw data to determine the best actions without the need for intermediate layers.

📣 Are You Prepared?

If you're an ecom brand aiming to scale efficiently and stay ahead of the curve (who isn’t? 🤷), you’re going to want to ensure you’re up to speed with how AI is evolving in our industry.

With nearly 30 years in the SaaS space, Richard’s insights are invaluable for anyone looking to understand the next big wave in technology.

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